Many of the visitors to this year’s show have existing connections with PDE. If this is your first visit to the PDE degree show, please take the time to engage with the projects on display and consider the connections that you may have with the concepts. The diverse projects will provide a range of topics to consider and discuss. 

During their time in PDE, the students realise that connections play a major role in their studies. For the department, the key connection is one that is centred on us, the user. There are obviously others with particular relevance and importance.  The combination of this, or as the students would say ‘bringing things together’ is a phrase that represents the PDE development process.

PDE claim that you are within a 2-metre radius of a product that a graduate has played a part in bringing to market. The 2017 cohort will strengthen this further. Friendships will ensure that they keep in touch and the connections that they make beyond graduation will undoubtedly create opportunities that will benefit us all.

I wish them all the very best.

Craig Whittet 

Head of Department