The Fearsome Futuremaking Award

We are very thankful to Fearsome for sponsoring our future making award again. To find out more, here what they have to say about it:

The Product Design Engineering course at the Glasgow School of Art has, for many years, been a continual source of high caliber graduates. Much of the Fearsome team, including our own Founders Morven Shearlaw and Alan Suttie, graduated from this course. 

At this time of year, for the past few years, it's been our honour to sponsor the PDE City Night degree show and the Fearsome Futuremaking Award. 

The City Night is an event that draws together the worlds of Academia and Industry, giving the students a chance to shine in front of their professional peers, and the professionals a chance to discover fresh talent. 

The Futuremaking Award is our way of marking out a student who has demonstrated bravery, ambition, and thoughtfulness through their final year project. Someone who has clearly set out to design a better future for a specific group of people. This is the essence of Futuremaking.

The panel for this year's Futuremaking Award is made up of people from Scottish companies who are recognised as being leading lights in the world of innovation. They include:

Each student will present their project to the panel, who will then award marks on the following criteria:

Criteria #1: Big Idea (Why?)

The magnitude and meaningfulness of the positive change that the project looks to make.

Criteria #2: Passion (Why?/How?)

The strength of motivation and purpose with which the designer has embraced their task.

Criteria #3: Bravery (How?)

A truly entrepreneurial effort will meet many challenges and the motivated change maker will overcome these.

Criteria #4: Surprising (How/What?)

The extent to which the solution has been iterated, questioned, and developed far from the obvious, in order that it is novel, surprising and able to effect the desired changes. 

Last year's winner was Olesia Kurganova whose project, to change the experience we offer babies and their parents during flights, won the hearts and minds of our judges panel. 

In particular the panel was impressed with the diligence Olesia showed in engaging parents, flight attendants and other people in her market, in order to discover what their scenarios look like now and how they might be improved. A hallmark of Futuremaking work. 

Like Olesia, this year's winner will receive a Summer internship at Fearsome, giving them an immediate foot into industry and a taste of working on live product development projects.